Version History


Huge thankyou to Sam Kleiderman (@tychoish) who originated this package and maintained it up to v0.2.6

Up To 0.2.6

Versions up to 0.2.6 were maintained by @tychoish

0.3.0 Onward

@thclark took over project, merged outstanding PRs from over the years, tidied up, sorted docs and devops, made tox tests run, updated dependencies and refactored lots. @mateja contributed a lot of functionality like additional directives, performance enhancements and fixes.


This library is pretty stable, but I'm not quite ready to do a 1.0.0 release.
Pin your versions, people! We use semver which is commonly misunderstood:
breaking changes CAN occur between `0.x` and `0.x+1`.
This is why you pin to `^0.5.1`, which is shorthand for `>=0.5.1,<0.6`.


We create release notes automatically using octue’s conventional commits tools for completely automating code versions, release numbering and release history.

So for a full version history, check our releases page.